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How it all began

Finbingo emerged as a natural progression of decades of our experience working with and dealing with thousands of financial advisors. With the data collected over the last two-three decades we arrived at a stunning conclusion that most advisors were not acting in the best interest of the end customer.

We delved deeper in our research and in fact, over a period of time, our belief got even further cemented. We arrived at the conclusion that these agents and institutions work for everyone else, including themselves but not for the end customer.

A system that is not customer-centric

There is definitely conflict of interest. When you take a system that is commission-based there is bound to be institutional bias. Adverse selection, lack of context while giving advice, etc. are some of the other critical, deep-rooted problems that have plagued this sector since time immemorial and this situation is nowhere close to abating soon.

There is also another strange phenomenon affecting the world of financial advisory. We noticed that most financial advisors crowded around people with money and large disposable incomes while the common man who had limited resources was being ignored by all. One cannot really blame the financial advisors for this. It is not their fault since their ability to conduct financial appraisals and advice is limited by the number of people they can actually manage to meet.

How Finbingo made a difference

The scenario changes with the arrival of Finbingo. We now have technology at our disposal to appraise the financial situation of millions of people – irrespective of their investment size – assess their risk appetite and provide contextual and pinpointed advice to them in a matter of minutes.

Technology does not discriminate between people as our biases do. Neither does it favor one investment over another since there are no commissions involved. Fintech, in fact, helps democratize the entire process of financial advisory.

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Finbingo is the most intelligent robo-advisor, bringing 360 degree financial advisory, and wealth building and management to every person looking to create a secure future.

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