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Why wait until the last minute to plan your taxes?
With the Finbingo Tax Planner, you can stay on top of your liabilities throughout the year and take the right tax-saving investments in time.

Why FinBingo Tax Planner 

Most people push tax planning to the end of the year and invest in standard financial vehicles that don’t get them the best savings.

How it works

Simply share your current personal and investment details for us to instantly offer you customized tax planning advice.

What you get

You can expect unbiased, expert tax planning advice all year round, so you can plan your financial year better.

Why Finbingo Tax Planner

Did you know that in FY 2018-19 alone, the number of individual ITRs filed till 31st August stood at 54.2 million? And this number is growing every year as more salaried individuals join the workplace, and more professionals and small businesses come under the tax bracket.

Tax planning need not be this taxing

As the number of individuals and businesses looking for timely and quality tax advice increases, the likelihood of finding a qualified tax expert diminishes. Of course, this is also assuming that the tax consultant isn’t primarily focused on corporate clients since they offer more business and are more profitable.

So, where does that leave you? At the mercy of small investment brokers who, when the time comes, offer you hurried tax filing services, just ticking all the boxes. What is lacking is genuine tax advisory and planning for the future. Not the most ideal scenario, is it?

We make tax planning easy

At Finbingo, we have taken the human angle out entirely and instead automated the process. Effectively making it faster, smarter and more efficient, and at a more reasonable cost too. What’s more, this expert advice is available all year through, at the click of a mouse.

Our Tax Planning Advisory service is a one-stop shop for all your tax advisory requirements. This expert service is backed by Artificial Intelligence which forms the core backend engine, offering you a seamless user experience.

Allow us to create the best investment portfolio for you that will take care of all your tax saving needs, from advice to implementation.

How it works


Input your approximate income and current tax investments


Get Finbingo Tax Saving Investment recommendations


Download your customized report

The Tax Planning Advisor focuses on your individual circumstances and requirements before offering customized tax planning advice. All you need to do is provide us approximate income and investment details, and we will offer you suggestions on how to save your tax right down to the last rupee.

We start by getting to know you.

Background information

We’ll begin by asking about your personal life; the usual – age, family, dependents, and other information. This information sets the foundation for us to assess your tax liability as well as help us make the right recommendations for tax planning.


We will then require you to share with us all your approximate income. This includes all sources, such as interest from your savings accounts, royalties, etc. This can be an approximate figure and it is just for us to get a better idea.


Share with us details of expenses that you incur which attract tax exemption or deduction. Pension policies, post office schemes, or any other general investment, as well as insurance policies come under this section.


And now we analyse. The analysis will tell you where you stand with regard to your tax liability. We will compare your current tax liability based on your income and investments, and if we observe a shortfall, we will make recommendations based on the information that you have provided. The Tax Planning Advisor will recommend financial vehicles that focus on health insurance first and then on wealth creation.

What You Get

Finbingo Tax Planner is the brainchild of senior industry leaders whose years of experience and detailed research on customer requirements helped create one of the smartest, AI-driven tax planners in the marketplace today.

Finbingo Tax Planner provides online advisory without the unconscious bias and limitations of traditional tax consultant. Moreover, the Tax Planning Advisor is available to you all through the year, any time of the day or night. Additionally, the thorough knowledge of taxation rules is what allows the tool to provide suggestions based on hundreds of IT rules.


India’s first automated tax planner

As India’s first automated tax planner, Tax Planning Advisor offers you customized and accurate tax advisory which will help you with better tax planning.


Comprehensive and user-friendly

Tax Planning Advisor has an intuitive, step-by-step user interface that empowers people who are not acquainted with tax saving vehicles.


Saves every single rupee legitimately

Customers can legally save every rupee, thus saving them more money every financial year. With this knowledge, it becomes easier to file returns at the end of the financial year.


Takes care of all potential avenues

The tool brings you the double benefit of tax savings under section 80c as well as wealth creation by investing in tax saving diversified equity (ELSS) funds.


Download Financial Document

Once you register, you will get a comprehensive financial document which you can download for your reference.


Everything in one place

All your financial data is in one place, giving you a single consolidated snapshot of all your money – investments, expenses, liabilities, etc.

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